FAQ's and Services Offered

Location: 7358 Manchester Rd. | St. Louis, MO 63143 | 314-932-1475
Store Hours:  Tuesday - Friday 11-5 | Saturday 10-4

Important Announcement regarding a change to our Services
As of January 31, 2023 Sole Survivor is not taking on any repairs, restoration, or custom projects.

  1. Can I place a custom order with Sole Survivor?
    Unfortunately, except for belts, Sole Survivor is unable to accommodate custom orders. We are happy to try to help you find something to suit your needs from our items in stock.

  2. Can I place a custom belt order with Sole Survivor?
    Kay Rye is taking on *some* custom belt orders.  Please call the store to set up a time to meet with Kay or email Kay directly with your requests and send photos. kay.rye@solesurvivorleather. com 

  3. Do you personalize leather goods with initials?
    Yes, we do personalize items with initials.  This service is only available on items purchased from Sole Survivor. 

  4. Can Sole Survivor items be shipped?  Yes, we can ship items purchased in our store to any U.S. address.  Cost usually ranges from $12 for small items to $25 for larger items like satchels/briefcases. Alternatively, you can place an order on the website!

  5. Which items in the shop are made by Sole Survivor? 
    All of our leather goods (with the exception of jackets and gloves) are made on site in the store's lower level workshop by Kay Rye and Annie Rye, and one sewer/assistant.

  6. Who designs Sole Survivor Leather goods?  
    All of our belts, bags, wallets and other accessories are designed in house - sometimes collectively and sometimes individually - by family members, Steve, Kay & Annie Rye. When Steve passed away in March of '23, Annie became our lead designer. 

  7. Where are Sole Survivor's leather jackets & gloves made? 
    Sole Survivor does not make the leather jackets and gloves in house - they are made overseas by experienced manufacturers. As leather experts, we are very pleased with the quality of the leather and hardware used, as well as the unique and fashionable designs.

  8. How do I take care of my new Sole Survivor Leather item?
    Many of our leathers need little care or attention and can be wiped with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Others benefit from a monthly or bimonthly light cleaning and conditioning. If you are in doubt, we are happy to advise. Bring your leather item in and Kay will be happy to take a look.

  9. Do you sell leather or scraps? YES! Once a year - usually in April - we have a Scrap & Hide Sale along with our Back Alley Clearance Sale. Our most recent event was Saturday, April 27th, 2024. Stay tuned for something new in 2025 when we celebrate 40 years of business in St. Louis!

  10. What about classes? 
    Sole Survivor does not offer classes or apprenticeships.  However, we will be resuming workshop tours later in 2024.  

  11. Where can I park in Maplewood?
    Free parking is available in the parking lot across the street as well as on Manchester and also behind the building off Marietta.