Made in USA Men's Strappy Leather Sandals

Built for comfort, built to last.  Artisan made leather sandals by Sole Survivor are comfortable from day one.  As you wear them, the leather will naturally mold to your footprint and soon become one of your favorites.  You may call ahead to check current sizes in stock 314-932-1475, 

  • Medium Width/Runs true to size
  • Continuous strap style means you can adjust the straps at every turn allowing a comfortable fit for all foot shapes.
  • A rubber midsole, plus a layer of memory foam between the top and bottom sole provides shock absorption, comfort and support.
  • Vibram outsoles made in the USA last long and offer solid traction for walking anywhere.
  • Can be resoled by Sole Survivor or any quality shoe repair shop.
  • Made in St. Louis, MO