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Artisan: A Legacy of Leather

By Tyler Bierman
Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton









40 Locally Owned St. Louis Shops to Visit Right Now 

Sole Survivor
Nearly everyone's life could be improved by a really good leather tote or satchel. And we're not talking about some basic brand-name bag with a big price tag or a stale, mass-produced fast-fashion snooze-fest. We mean a stylishly classic, incredibly sturdy, individually crafted carryall, preferably one that's skillfully made by hands that have seen more leather than a cow. At Sole Survivor (NEW ADDRESS 7401 Manchester Road, Maplewood; 314-932-1475), where everything is created in-store, plenty of beautiful handmade bags fit this last description. Colors and types vary, but these timeless pieces will stay with you awhile. This shop not only has work bags, but also purses of all sizes, belts, wallets, keychains and more, including cool sculptural leather bowl-type vessels, perfectly on point for the artsy person who has everything. 


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