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FAQs & Services Offered

1. Can I place a custom order?  Sole Survivor is unable to accommodate custom design orders.  We can, however, make custom belts for your buckles.  Just bring the buckle in and we'll talk!

2.  Are repair or modification services offered? Sole Survivor offers repair services on items we make.  If you need something repaired, altered, or modified that was not made by Sole Survivor, we can help by referring you to an appropriate service provider. 

3.  What about monogramming?  Sole Survivor offers monogramming services on items that we make.  We cannot offer monogramming on items made by other makers or manufacturers. 

4.  Does Sole Survivor ever have sales?  From time to time we have end of season clearance sales.  If you would like to be on our mailing list to be informed about our sales, click here.

5.  Can Sole Survivor items be shipped?  Yes, we can ship items you purchase in our store to any U.S. address.  Cost to be determined at time of purchase and usually ranges from $8 for small items and $20+ for larger items like satchels/briefcases.

6.  Can I get on your email list to hear about sales and special offers? Of course!  Click HERE

7.  Where are Sole Survivor's leather jackets made?  Sole Survivor leather jackets are made for us by an overseas manufacturer.  We are seriously happy with the overall quality of these!  

8.  Which items in the shop are made by Sole Survivor? All of our leather goods (with the exception of jackets, footwear and gloves) are designed and made in the store's workshop by Steve & Kay plus an assistant. This means ALL of our belts, bags, wallets, journals, etc. are made in house.   Annie Rye is also one of the designers and artisans.  Annie makes about half of our leather bags at her home workshop in Illinois.

9.  How do I take care of my new Sole Survivor Leather item?  It depends on what kind of leather it is.  Most of our leathers need little "extra" care and can be wiped with a slightly damp cotton cloth.  Others benefit greatly from a monthly or bimonthly light cleaning and conditioning. Sole Survivor rarely recommends oil or saddle soap.  If you are in doubt, we are happy to advise.  Bring your leather item in and Steve or Kay will be happy to take a look.

10.  Do you sell scrap leather? There is no such thing as a scrap to us, therefore we do not have any scrap leather for sale. (yes, yes, in the past we have held scrap sales but that was when we had a robust wholesale business that generated more than we could use. we have since retired from the wholesale business)  

11.  What about pieces?  Do you sell pieces of leather? Sole Survivor does not sell pieces of leather or supplies for leather crafters or home projects.  We suggest you go to Tandy Leather in South County.

12.  Can you sell me hardware and other supplies for my projects?  Sole Survivor does not sell materials and supplies for leather crafters.  We suggest you go to Tandy Leather in South County.

13.  I do a little leatherwork and have a few questions on how to proceed with my project.  Can you help?  yes, Sole Survivor is happy to advise you on the direction your project is taking.  Call us before coming so that one of the leather workers can be prepared to stop work and speak with you.  314-932-1475